Scopus and web accessibility

« … Scopus takes a continuous improvement approach to web accessibility, testing new and existing pages for accessibility with each product release. Some of the accessibility features of Scopus include:

 – All primary functions in Scopus are operable using keyboard only, with logical tab order.

– Search result pages show obvious highlighting of the row in focus to provide orientation for keyboard-only sighted users.

– Scopus uses properly structured headings, allowing users of screen readers to navigate pages more quickly.

– Graphical elements such as images and icons are supplemented by HTML text attributes.

– Animated tutorials are also available as HTML text files.

– Pages have unique and descriptive page titles to help orient users of screen readers.

– All content and controls are compatible with screen enlargement software in addition to compatibility with built-in browser zoom functionality.

– A skip navigation link is available for screen reader users (…) »

source >, Mimis Chrysomallis, 3 décembre 2014