Interactive notebooks: Sharing the code

« The free IPython notebook makes data analysis easier to record, understand and reproduce (…)

Flying high above the Pacific Ocean, Titus Brown is taking a deep dive into his students’ research code. The long journey from Michigan State University in East Lansing to a conference in Melbourne, Australia, provides the perfect chance for the bioinformatician to scrutinize his lab’s new algorithm for removing errors from RNA sequencing data.

Three years ago, Brown might have waited until he was back in his office. It is difficult to dig into other researchers’ code without them being present to explain it, make changes and produce updated results. But these days, Brown can work with his lab from afar using a free, open-source software package called IPython, which helps researchers to keep a detailed lab notebook for their computational work (…) »

source >, Helen Shen, 5 novembre 2014