June 2014 issue of IFLA Journal

« … An overview of libraries in France Marie-Noëlle Andissac, Frédéric Blin, Grégor Blot-Julienne, Thierry Claerr, Amandine Jacquet, Dominique Lahary, Danièle Verdy and Anne Verneuil​ (…)

Promoting a reading culture through a rural community library in Uganda Espen Stranger-Johannessen (…)

Required skills for children’s and youth librarians in the digital age Dalia Hamada and Sylvia Stavridi (…)

The library, the city, and infinite possibilities: Ryerson University’s Student Learning Centre Project Madeleine Lefebvre (…)

Salaries of special librarians in the United States James Matarazzo and Toby Pearlstein (…)

Mentoring librarians for scholarly publishing Ellen Ndeshi Namhila (…) »

Volume 40, No.2 (June 2014)

source > ifla.org, juin 2014