Open Library of Humanities Renews Agreement with Jisc Collections, Aims to Flip More Titles to Not-for-Profit, No-Fee Open Access

« The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is pleased to announce that we have renewed our agreement with Jisc Collections to provide options to the UK library community that will sustain our publishing activities while offering the possibility of expansion. (…)
The new agreement with Jisc Collections cements our commitment to keeping costs low for libraries. At just a 1% below-inflationary increase on our previous fees, which brings UK library fees to parity with international rates, we have recognised the budgetary challenges faced by the library world, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Our cost per-institution, per-article remains extremely low, at an estimated average of £1.90. (…) »

source >, Martin Paul Eve, 4 mai 2021