NORF Open Research in Ireland webinar: Open Access, 4 May 2021 [slides & recordings]

« As part of a webinar series on Open Research in Ireland, the National Open Research Forum (NORF) is presenting a webinar focused on Open Access to research publications.
NORF has been developing a National Open Research Landscape Report to summarise progress and challenges in each of the strategic areas of Ireland’s National Framework on the Transition to an Open Research Environment. Against this background, speakers will discuss national strategies for Open Access in Ireland, France and Denmark, and highlight key challenges and issues such as bibliodiversity. (…)
Introduction to NORF – Daniel Bangert (Digital Repository of Ireland)
Open Access in Ireland – Susan Reilly (University College Dublin), Niamh Brennan (Trinity College Dublin)
Open Access in France – Marin Dacos (Open Science Advisor, French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation)
Open Access in Denmark – Hanne-Louise Kirkegaard (Senior Advisor, Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science), Karen Hytteballe Ibanez (Senior Officer, Technical University Denmark) »

source >, 4 mai 2021