Visualize the impact of your research – a customizable tool in the making

« Metrics play an important role in research life. Hiring decisions or the evaluation of institutions or research groups are often based on a small number of indicators (e.g. the h-index).The underlying data is often times opaque. To allow better decision making processes we need various, transparent and adaptable scientometric data and infrastructures. Data sources, data handling processes and visualisations must be transparent and open to everybody. Because the mentioned decisions can affect researchers strongly, it is important to consider the needs of the researchers themselves and allow customizations. Until now researchers have little to no influence on how scientometric indicators are reflected in researchers‘ profiles.
Addressing these needs, the ROSI project is involving researchers with interviews and workshops and developing a tool for customizable visualisations of open indicators based on their needs. (…) »

source >, Svantje Lilienthal, 16 janvier 2020