Evaluating big deal journal bundles. Theodore C. Bergstroma, Paul N. Courant, R. Preston McAfeec, and Michael A. Williams – PNAS – Edited by Jose A. Scheinkman (.pdf)

« Large commercial publishers sell bundled online subscriptions to their entire list of academic journals at prices significantly lower than the sum of their á la carte prices. Bundle prices differ drastcally between institutions, but they are not publicly posted. The data that we have collected enable us to compare the bundle prices charged by commercial publishers with those of nonprofit societies and to examine the types of price discrimination practiced by commercial and nonprofit journal publishers. This information is of interest to economists who study monopolist pricing, librarians interested in making efficient use of library budgets, and scholars who are interested in the availability of the work that they publish (…) »

source > econ.ucsb.edu, 21 mai 2014