Helmholtz Open Science Forum “Scholar-led-Publishing in Helmholtz”. 13 April 2023

« On April 13, 2023, the Helmholtz Open Science Office, together with the joint Task Group “Open Access Transformation” of the Working Groups Open Science and Library and Information Management organized a Helmholtz Open Science Forum on Scholar-Led Publishing at Helmholtz. Around 100 people registered for participation. The high level of interest in this event indicates its relevance in the ongoing Open Access-Transformation. Diamond Open Access and scholar-led publishing are current buzzwords in this context; focusing on the stronger localization of scientific publishing opportunities in the scientific environment beyond profit-oriented platforms.. (…) »

source > gfzpublic.gfz-potsdam.de, Ferguson, L. M., Meistring, M., Bertelmann, R., van Edig, X., Elm, J., Lexis, H., Milius, S., Bauin, S., Schwennsen, F., Singstad, B.-J., Tobias, R., Tsoukala, V. (2023): Helmholtz Open Science Forum “Scholar-Led Publishing at Helmholtz”, (Helmholtz Open Science Briefing), Potsdam : Helmholtz Open Science Office, 119 p. https://doi.org/10.48440/os.helmholtz.064