Workshop on PIDs within NFDI

« In order to gain an overview of the current state of the discussion on PIDs and for the identification of use cases for the initiation phase of a PID service within the NFDI basic services, the working group Persistent Identifier of the Section Common Infrastructures of the NFDI hosted an online workshop in January 2023. In the course of the workshop, members of nine different NFDI consortia presented the current application of PIDs in their consortia. (…) »

source >, Schrader, Antonia C., Arend, Daniel, Bach, Janete, Elger, Kirsten, Göller, Sandra, Hagemann-Wilholt, Stephanie, Krahl, Rolf, Lange, Matthias, Linke, David, Mayer, Desiree, Mutschke, Peter, Reimer, Lorenz, Scheidgen, Markus, Selzer, Michael, & Wieder, Philipp. (2023). Workshop on PIDs within NFDI (Version 1). Internal Workshop on PIDs within NFDI, Online. Zenodo.