Ensuring data and code archive quality: why and how?

« This post was co-written by Dan Bolnick (The American Naturalist, Editor), Tim Vines (DataSeer.ai), Bob Montgomerie (AmNat Data Editor). This blog post addresses the value and flaws in current open and reproducible science practices, and hopefully is of interest to authors, other editors, and students considering publishing in biological sciences.
Part 1 articulates the value of data and code archiving, and can be skipped if you are already a convert. Part 2 explains what we see as weaknesses with the current system. Part 3 explains the new Data Editor role adopted by The American Naturalist and the associated workflow including DataSeer.ai’s role. Part 4 addresses some remaining issues for consideration, and Part 5 provides some parting thoughts. (…) »

source > https://comments.amnat.org/2022/03/ensuring-data-and-code-archive-quality.html, Dan Bolnick, Tim Vines, Bob Montgomerie, 2 mars 2022