SciELO Preprints discoverable in Europe PMC

« In 2020 SciELO and the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) launched the SciELO Preprints Collection to accelerate the availability of research articles and other scientific communications.

As an avid supporter of open science, Europe PMC has been indexing life science preprints alongside journal articles since 2018. Currently, over 400,000 preprints from over 20 different platforms are available in Europe PMC. Preprints in Europe PMC are enriched with links to open peer review materials, related data, citing articles, and other useful resources.

Over 1000 SciELO Preprints are available in Europe PMC in their original language, Portuguese, Spanish, or English, and can be accessed using the following search: PUBLISHER: »SciELO Preprints » (…) »

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