The business model of Finnish Literature Society

« The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) was founded in 1831 and has a long tradition of supporting and advancing studies in the Finnish culture and language. It is a learned society, which, among its goals, states its desire for “conveying information about oral and written Finnish cultures and their study” (“About the Finnish Literature Society (SKS)”). Looking into fulfilling this goal the SKS has, since the beginning of its existence, been looking into organizing its own publishing activities. Only three years after the SKS was founded, The Publishing House was created. Since 1834 the Publishing House of the SKS has been publishing textbooks, dictionaries and translations of classic literature into Finnish. It was also among the first to publish novels in Finnish. At present it focuses on publishing academic books under the series Studia Fennica. (…) »

source >, Agata Morka, 15 février 2022