No Deal: Investigating the Influence of Restricted Access to Elsevier Journals on German Researchers’ Publishing and Citing Behaviours

« In 2014, a union of German research organisations established Projekt DEAL, a national-level project to negotiate licensing agreements with large scientific publishers. Negotiations between DEAL and Elsevier began in 2016, and broke down without a successful agreement in 2018; in this time, around 200 German research institutions cancelled their license agreements with Elsevier, leading Elsevier to restrict journal access at those institutions from July 2018 onwards. We investigated the effect of these access restrictions on researchers’ publishing and citing behaviours from a bibliometric perspective, using a dataset of ~410,000 articles published by researchers at the affected DEAL institutions between 2012-2020. (…) »

source >, Nicholas Fraser, Anne Hobert, Najko Jahn, Philipp Mayr, Isabella Peters, 25 mai 2021, arXiv:2105.12078v1