The Seismica Initiative: towards a community-driven, Diamond Open Access journal for seismological research

« (…) Volcanica ( has been accepting submissions for two years now, and at this time of writing has published 37 peer-reviewed manuscripts. Being a fully Open Access journal, Volcanica does not generate revenue from reader/library subscriptions, nor does it charge article processing charges to the authors. This free-to-read, free-to-publish “business model” is called Diamond Open Access (DOA) publishing, and while it has gained some footing in the humanities and social sciences, DOA is still in its infancy for natural/physical sciences. Shortly after Nature published its controversial announcement for an OA publishing model, a Slack group was created to collect ideas from like-minded individuals to start our own Diamond Open Access journal for the seismological community:
After some discussions on Twitter and on the Slack channel, it became clear that there is a need from the seismological community for a Diamond OA journal to disseminate scientific work in the form of regular peer-reviewed papers, but also in the form of earthquake reports, data and seismic/geodetic network descriptions, and deployment reports. By making the journal free-to-publish and free-to-read, we try to eliminate the financial barriers that stand in the way of global scientific progress. Our main aims are to be transparent, inclusive, and Plan-S compliant, and to offer a platform for ethical dissemination of peer-reviewed seismological research. (…) »

source >, Martijn van den Ende, 27 avril 2021