Pubfair: A Framework for Sustainable, Distributed, OpenScience Publishing Services

« (…) Pubfair is a conceptual model for a modular open source publishing framework which builds upon a distributed network of repositories to enable the dissemination and quality-control of a range of research outputs including publications,data,and more. Pubfair aims to introduce significant innovation in to scholarly publishing. It enables differents takeholders (funders,institutions, scholarly societies, individuals scientists)to access a suite of functionalities to create their own dissemination channels,with built in open review and transparent processes. The model minimizes publishing costs while maintaining academic standards by connecting communities with iterative publishing services linked to their preferred repository. Such a publishing environment has the capacity to transform the scholarly communication system,making it more research-centric, dissemination-oriented and open to and supportive of innovation, while also collectively managed by the scholarly community. (…) »

source >, Tony Ross-Hellauer, Benedikt Fecher, Kathleen Shearer, and Eloy Rodrigues, White paper, version 1: September 3, 2019