Are APCs the dominant business model for open-access journals?

« …Or is it just one important among many others?

That is an open question. To approach it, we looked into available figures on open-access journals.

Out of the 13,337 journals that are listed in the DOAJ, a broad majority (9,752 journals) do not charge APCs (there is no information according APCs for 53 journals, as of 2019-06-05). However, the largest open-access journals, which partially have a very high reputation, pursue quite often an APC business model, for example, PLOS ONE, Scientific Reports, Nature Communications, RSC Advances, Optics Express and Nucleic Acids Research. These journals publish minimum one thousand articles, reviews and proceedings papers per year. So, what’s right?

As often the answer is: It depends (…) »

source >, Nina Schönfelder, 19 aout 2019