RDA Austria – Removing Barriers In Data Sharing

« Research Data Alliance Austria (RDA-AT) is a national RDA node dedicated to representing emerging research and data management communities throughout Austria. RDA-AT will operate as a formal participant of RDA Europe and RDA Global, linking Austrian data management initiatives and RDA Working and Interest Groups, providing assistance in adoption of RDA recommendations, and allowing Austrian stakeholders to benefit directly from RDA support mechanisms. These new connections will bring key Austrian issues to the global data management table, and global discussions back to Austria. This paper details the goals of the RDA-AT and describes its community and sustainability plans. (…) »

source > journals.univie.ac.at, Tomasz Miksa, Barbara Sanchéz Solís, Andreas Rauber, Paolo Budroni, Raman Ganguly, Mitteilungen der VÖB 72 (2019) Nr. 2: Open Science, DOI:https://doi.org/10.31263/voebm.v72i2.2833