Help shape the new copyright law in your country; the ship has already set sail: don’t be left behind

« As reported in March 2019, a new copyright directive for the digital single market has been approved for Europe and will legally come into force on 7 June 2019. All Member States are obliged to transpose this new legislation into national law in the coming 2 years. You can influence how this takes shape.
COAR, EIFL, EUA, IFLA, EBLIDA, LIBER, Science Europe and SPARC Europe have been working to influence legislators on a European level to support the interests of Open Science, research and the library community. This group met on 7-8 May to discuss how to prepare for the implementation phase. The final success or failure of this Directive will depend to a large extent on decisions made at the national level since there is significant room for interpretation in the way the new rules may be applied. As a coalition we are committed to continuing to help implement this in the interests of the research and library community, but your support will also be essential. (…) »

source >, 27 mai 2019