Discipline-specific open access publishing practices and barriers to change: an evidence-based review

« (…) Many of the discussions surrounding Open Access (OA) revolve around how it affects publishing practices across different academic disciplines. It was a long-held view that it would be only a matter of time for all disciplines to fully and relatively homogeneously implement OA. Recent large-scale bibliometric studies show however that the uptake of OA differs substantially across disciplines. This study investigates the underlying mechanisms that cause disciplines to vary in their OA publishing practices. We aimed to answer two questions: First, how do different disciplines adopt and shape OA publishing practices? Second, what discipline-specific barriers to and potentials for OA can be identified? (…) »

source > f1000research.com, Anna Severin, Matthias Egger, Martin Paul Eve, Daniel Hürlimann, 11 décembre 2018, (https://doi.org/10.12688/f1000research.17328.1)