New tools to put OA into Interlibrary Loan from the Open Access Button

« Libraries have led the charge to open up access to the scholarly literature. We want to help turn that leadership into leverage to reduce costs, to save staff time, to improve library services, and to open up more even content and infrastructure. (…)
We’re now happy to introduce you to some new tools from the Open Access Button:

  • DeliverOA: Making it easy to find self-archived Open Access versions of articles and deliver them right inside your ILL workflow.
  • OAsheet: Find out if lots of articles are Open Access all at once by giving us a list of articles as a spreadsheet. Perfect for running ILL records to see how much impact integrating OA into your processes could have.
  • EmbedOA: Easily help patrons find Open Access articles from your Interlibrary Loan pages or LibGuides. (…) »

source >, 16 mai 2018