Authorial and institutional stratification in open access publishing: the case of global health research

« Using a database of recent articles published in the field of Global Health research, we examine institutional sources of stratification in publishing access outcomes. Traditionally, the focus on inequality in scientific publishing has focused on prestige hierarchies in established print journals. This project examines stratification in contemporary publishing with a particular focus on subscription vs. various Open Access (OA) publishing options. Findings show that authors working at lower-ranked universities are more likely to publish in closed/paywalled outlets, and less likely to choose outlets that involve some sort of Article Processing Charge (APCs; gold or hybrid OA). (…) »

source >, Kyle Siler​, Stefanie Haustein, Elise Smith, Vincent Larivière, Juan Pablo Alperin, 19 février 2018, DOI 10.7717/peerj.4269