There is now freedom of panorama in Belgium

« (…) a proposal to amend the Belgian copyright act was introduced in the Federal Parliament. It wasn’t smooth sailing though. The opposition proposed at three different moments during the legislative process to restrict the exception to non-commercial uses only. Wikimedia Belgium reacted by sending a personalised letter signed by our president to every member of the committee occupied with the reform. We also included a brochure on the disadvantages of non-commercial restrictions and a frequently asked questions sheet that picked up the arguments against freedom of panorama brought forward during the committee meetings and debunked them.

Finally, the full freedom of panorama provision was adopted with 85 votes in favour, 42 against and 12 abstentions. After it had been signed by the King and published in the State Gazette, it came into force on Friday, 15 July 2016. (…) »

source > blog.wikimedia.org, Dimitar Dimitrov, 15 juillet 2016