Wiley survey examines how best to support peer reviewers

« The results of a recent survey to appear in Learned Publishing highlight how the peer review process—when research is evaluated by experts before it’s published—might be improved to better support reviewers who lend their time and expertise. Key findings from the study include the need for additional training and increased recognition for peer reviewers.

Global publishing company Wiley undertook this study in order to identify support gaps and provide recommendations. Almost 3,000 respondents from 115 countries and all major subject areas participated in the survey.

“22 million researcher hours over the course of a year were spent reviewing for the top 12 producing publishers alone,” said Verity Warne, author of the study and an Associate Marketing Director at Wiley. “The aim of this study was to explore the reviewer experience and delve into recognition and training needs of reviewers. There was a particular focus on how these needs may differ by region and career stage.” (…) »

source > Wiley, 20 janvier 2016