Visions of the future for academic publishing

« This month sees the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions – the world’s first science journal – which is still published today. Much of our contemporary approach to publishing research began with the launch of that journal, but what does the future hold?  (…)

At the recent BioMed Central roadshows in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, four of my colleagues took a look at journal publishing and cast their eyes to the future. We hope our thoughts – captured below – provoke the same discussion and debate that our audiences took part in (…)

– Beyond the printed page. Sabina Alam, Chief Editor, BMC Medicine (…)

– Will writing articles be so important in the future? Andrea Melendez-Acosta, Associate Publisher (…)

– Results aren’t just for researchers. Kathryn Wilson, Associate Publisher (…)

– Measuring the impact of research, not journals and articles. Diana Marshall, Senior Managing Editor (…) »

source > blogs.biomedcentral, Caroline Black, 25 mars 2015