Book Review: Managing and Sharing Research Data: A Guide to Good Practice by Louise Corti et al. [Veerle Van den Eynden, Libby Bishop & Matthew Woollard]

« … The authors of Managing and Sharing Research Data: A guide to good practice all work at the Data Archive and collectively have a wealth of experience in the complex range of activities related to promoting, managing and facilitating data sharing. In many ways data sharing has become much easier due to technical advances which have enormously speeded and simplified the procedure of acquiring and processing data (no longer do users have to wait for postal delivery of magnetic tapes). However, in other respects the whole business of depositing, managing, acquiring and using data responsibly has become more complicated, not least because of the wealth of data sets of different types now available. This guide sets out to help students, researchers, academics and research support staff through these processes and deals with documenting, formatting, storing and transferring data, as well as with legal and ethical issues, publication and citation (…) »

source >, Emily Grundy, 19 août 2014