EPISCIENCES – an overlay publication platform – Christine Berthaud, Laurent Capelli, Jens Gustedt, Claude Kirchner, Loiseau Kevin, Agnès Magron, Maud Medves, Alain Monteil, Gaëlle Riverieux, Laurent Romary

« Résumé : This paper delineates the main characteristics of the Episciences platform, an environment for overlay peer-reviewing that complements existing publication repositories, designed by the Centre pour la Communication Scientifique directe (CCSD ) service unit. We describe the main characteristics of the platform and present the first experiment of launching two journals in the computer science domain onto it. Finally, we address a series of open questions related to the actual changes in editorial models (open submission, open peer- review, augmented publication) that such a platform is likely to raise, as well as some hints as to the underlying business model. »

source > hal.inria.fr, Gaëlle Rivérieux, 10 juin 2014