Steps Down the Evolutionary Road | Periodicals Price Survey 2014

« The birth of the World Wide Web 25 years ago was the big bang event that spurred more change in the serials and scholarly publishing world than seen in the century that preceded it. Since that time, we have rapidly evolved from the print world to that of e-journals, e-journal packages, and open access (OA). But in the serials ecosystem, as in nature, not all things evolve at the same rate, and the cumulative impact of subtle steps can bring about profound change over time.

Despite some notable events, such as the purchase of Mendeley by Elsevier, the sale of Springer to BC Partners, and the launch of SCOAP 3, there was no major disruption in the serials world during 2013 (…)

The 2015 serials marketplace will still see steady increases in prices, while the development of scholarly communications and libraries will continue to be in flux. Budget compression, price inflation, and questions of value will collide with OA trends, government mandates, new evaluation tools such as altmetrics, and the increased distribution of information offered by research platforms and social networks (…) »

source >, Stephen Bosch and Kittie Henderson, 11 avril 2014