Beyond article-based charges working group: an update on progress

« Since September 2023, cOAlition S, in partnership with Jisc and PLOS, have been working with a multi-stakeholder working group to identify business models and arrangements that enable equitable participation in knowledge-sharing for the benefit of science and society. Comprising librarians, library consortia representatives, funders and publishers, the group’s primary objective is to explore business models that are not article and APC-based. APCs are seen as unfair to authors, but they also lock in article-based publishing models and hinder support for other, more innovative and equitable models.
Over the course of the group’s initial discussions, it has become apparent that focusing solely on identifying specific business models or arrangements (referred to hereafter as models) that support more equitable knowledge sharing is too simplistic and ultimately will not lead to a helpful outcome. (…) »

source >, 17 avril 2024, Robert Kiley, cOAlition S, Anna Vernon, Jisc and Roheena Anand, PLOS