COAR Transition to the Netherlands

« On January 1, 2024, all COAR operations will transition from the COAR e.V. to the COAR Stichting.
COAR was founded in 2009 and has been hosted by Göttingen Library in Germany since its inception. We are greatly appreciative of the support we have received by Göttingen Library, without which, COAR would not have been able to thrive during these years. (…)
As such in 2022, the COAR Executive Board explored various options in terms of the best location for COAR, while still remaining in Europe, where at least half of our members are based. After reviewing the various considerations, the Executive Board decided that The Netherlands “Stichting’ option was the best one for COAR for a number of reasons. (…) »

source >, 30 septembre 2023