#G20India – Chief Science Advisers Roundtable (G20-CSAR) – Outcome Document and Chair’s Summary – Gandhinagar, Gujarat 28 August 2023

« The Outcome Document pertains to paragraphs 1-12 and 14-17, which have been unanimously agreed to by all G20 delegations. The Chair’s summary pertains to Paragraph 13
Synergising global efforts to expand access to scholarly scientific knowledge.
8. We acknowledge the need to enable immediate and universal access to appropriate publicly funded scholarly scientific knowledge to communities within and beyond G20 members2. We recognise that international collaborative efforts on this policy matter can further strengthen national priorities and ambitions and foster innovation. We acknowledge the importance of working together to synergise and align our open and public access policies and programs based on best practices in cognizance with the respective national legislations and policies. Such open and public access policies should uphold respect for universal human rights, the protection of national security, and principles and rules related to academic freedom, research integrity, privacy, and protection of intellectual property rights.
9. We recognize the importance of evolving approaches to providing immediate and free access to appropriate publicly funded research publications. We recommend establishing interoperability standards that would allow interlinking among various national as well as international repositories to expand access to publicly funded research outputs. We recommend that such policies should align with the FAIR3 principles. Frameworks for research assessment and evaluation that take into consideration the holistic contribution of research outputs, including both their intrinsic merit as well as the broader impact, are desirable and deserve further development. (…) »

source > g20.org, 28 août 2023