The ‘OA market’ – what is healthy?

« (…) Back in 2021, OASPA brought together people from different stakeholder groups across scholarly communications to consider how best to enable a healthy landscape with greater diversity in the economic system that supports open access publishing. (…) »

The ‘OA market’ – what is healthy? Part 1

(…) The purpose of OASPA’s ‘OA market’ work is to examine the money flows needed to sustain OA publishing. Any way you look at it, the economics of funding and enabling OA publishing is something we all need to grapple with.
Building on the ‘OA market’ work done in 2021, OASPA wished to learn more about what is felt by those in different parts of the world. Despite considerable effort, there was an overall European weighting to views that were collected in 2021, and so, the purpose of my follow-on work has been to round out and supplement the perspectives that had initially been collected. (…) »

The ‘OA market’ – what is healthy? Part 2


source >, Malavika Legge, 24 janvier 2023