Jumping over the paywall: Strategies and motivations for scholarly piracy and other alternatives

« Despite the advance of the Open Access (OA) movement, most scholarly production can only be accessed through a paywall. We conduct an international survey among researchers (N=3,304) to measure the willingness and motivations to use (or not use) scholarly piracy sites, and other alternatives to overcome a paywall such as paying with their own money, institutional loans, just reading the abstract, asking the corresponding author for a copy of the document, asking a colleague to get the document for them, or searching for an OA version of the paper. We also explore differences in terms of age, professional position, country income level, discipline, and commitment to OA. (…) »

source > arxiv.org, Francisco Segado-Boj, Juan Martin-Quevedo, Juan-Jose Prieto-Gutierrez, 9 décembre 2022, arXiv:2212.05965v1, https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2212.05965