#RoadToOpenScience | Science Europe Open Science Conference | 18,19 October 2022 [presentations]

« Science Europe organised its 2022 conference on Open Science at an important time: the COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted the value of open and collaborative research, and several recent publications drove the implementation of Open Science policies and the need to discuss shared values, principles and standards. These included the final report of the Open Science Policy Platform (2020) and UNESCO’s ‘Recommendation on Open Science’ (2021). Earlier in 2022, the Open Science Conference organised under the French Presidency of the Council of the EU, had taken stock of the links between various aspects of Open Science.

At this 18 and 19 October Open Science conference, Science Europe provided a comprehensive overview of the current policy initiatives, research assessment reforms, and financial measures that supported the transition to Open Science, and looked forward at new trends. Participants were invited to discuss the many facets related to the transition in a highly interactive event that specifically covered:

  • Open Science and society, including equity
  • Open Access to all types of research outputs
  • Evolving research assessment and evaluation practices
  • Access to and use of open research infrastructures
  • Open Science policies (…) »

source > scienceeurope.org, events/open-science-conference-2022