[UK Government] Artificial Intelligence and IP: copyright and patents

« The Government has published its response to its consultation on Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence

Following this consultation, the Government intends to amend copyright law to make it easier to analyse material for the purposes of machine learning, research and innovation. This will promote the use of AI technology, and wider “data mining” techniques, for the public good.

Data mining is where software is used to analyse material for patterns, trends and other useful information. The Government intends that anyone with lawful access to material protected by copyright should be able to carry out this analysis without further permission from the copyright owner. Among other uses, data mining can be used when training AI systems. For example, machine-learning software which has been trained on large repositories of computer code is able to intelligently suggest new code to programmers.

This data mining provision will take advantage of the UK’s ability to set its own copyright laws now that we have left the EU and will put the UK’s copyright framework among the most AI and research friendly in the world. It will help make the UK a location of choice for data mining and AI development, supporting the Government’s ambition for the UK to be a global leader in AI innovation and research. (…) »

source > gov.uk, 28 juin 2022