EOSC Finnish Forum 8 June 2022 | EOSC impact & uptake at institutional level: benefits & challenges [vidéos & slides]

« One of the key objectives of EOSC is to ensure that Open Science practises and skills are rewarded and taught, becoming the ‘new normal’. Reproducible research is one of the pillars of Open Science. Josefine Nordling, CSC – IT Center for Science, opened the webinar by presenting how the endeavour to make science reproducible inevitably has an impact on the research practices. This presentation was followed by two talks from Niina Nurmi and Manna Satama, University of Eastern Finland, and Helena Laaksonen, Tampere University, describing how universities are approaching the digital transformation that EOSC is bringing and will bring in the next years from an institutional and community perspective. (…) »

source > youtube.com, EOSC Finnish Forum, 8 juin 2022