Diamond Open Access: the Action Plan and the overlay journal platform EPISCIENCES | 29 March, 2022 [OpenAIRE webinar]

« This OpenAIRE public webinar aimed to present the Episciences platform and associated services as well the use case of JTCAM overlay journal. It was also an opportunity to present the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access.
Episciences is a complete platform for editing and publishing scientific overlay journals covering all disciplines. An overlay journal is a scientific journal, with a unique editorial line and publication project, which relies on a diamond Open Access evaluation and publication platform. /span>
An Episciences overlay journal has a complete publishing system on its own site which allows it to manage both the editorial workflow and the publication of articles. Know more about Episciences here.
00:00 Introduction
00:04:58 Presentation of the publishing platform and associated services – Raphaël Tournoy, Céline Barthonnat, CNRS
00:33:04 Feedback and experience from the JTCAM overlay journal – Mathias Legrand, McGill University
00:56:00 Action Plan for Diamond Open Access – Bregt Saenen, Science Europe (…) »

source > youtube.com, OpenAIRE_eu 698 abonnés, 29 mars 2022