[#osc2022] Open Science Conference 2022 | 8-10 March 2022 « Scholarly Communication in the Open Science framework: The Diamond Open Access model »

« The talk presents the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access, developed by Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and the French National Research Agency (ANR). The goal of the Action Plan is to further develop and expand a sustainable, community-driven Diamond OA scholarly communication ecosystem. The Action Plan proposes to align and develop common resources for the entire Diamond OA ecosystem, including journals and platforms, while respecting the cultural, multilingual, and disciplinary diversity that constitutes the strength of the sector. It focuses on four central elements: efficiency, quality standards, capacity building, and sustainability, following up on the recommendations of the ‘Open Access Diamond Journals Study’. (…) »

source > youtube.com, ZBW - Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft , Suzanne Dumouchel, 9 mars 2022