OASPA & Make Data Count Workshop Report: What are publisher experiences of data citation and what can we do to help?

« In June 2021, OASPA ran a webinar to showcase the Make Data Count (MDC) initiative, and talk about the importance of data citation for its members. We were really pleased with the engagement on the webinar, lots of discussion and questions, but there’s only so much you can fit into the webinar format.
To follow-up, we contacted a selection of OASPA members who’d attended or signed up for the webinar. We wanted to dig a little deeper into what smaller publishers are thinking about in terms of data, where that sits in their workflows and planning, and the feedback they’re getting from their communities. We know there’s more to do to support publishers in collecting and disseminating data citations, so finding out more about the issues and questions meant that we could then discuss what we can do to provide educational, technical and other support at OASPA, via the Make Data Count initiative and at Crossref. (…) »

source > oaspa.org, Rachael Lammey, Crossref,Rachael Lammey, Daniella Lowenberg, Claire Redhead, 28 février 2022