Recognition & Rewards in the Netherlands [podcast]

« In this episode, Kim Huijpen from the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) tells about the programme following the publication of Room for Everyone’s Talent, a position paper aiming for a wholescale overhaul of the practices of research assessment in the Netherlands. (…)
The nation-wide follow-up programme, named Recognition & Rewards, is coordinated by Kim Huijpen. In her dialogue with stakeholder at Dutch institutions, she often meets dilemmas and concerns that are familiar from similar debates in other countries. Nevertheless, more and more institutions are now implementing the the principles and guidelines laid out in the 2019 position paper, thereby stimulating the growth of open science practices and the diversification of career paths in Dutch academia. (…) »

source >, Huijpen, K., & Aspaas, P. P. (2021). Recognition & Rewards in the Netherlands. Open Science Talk, (38).