JASPER – preserving open access journals forever

« Long-term preservation of research resources is of paramount importance for scholarship. Authors want to ensure their contributions to the scholarly record will be permanent. Scholars must be able to access all of the published research in their fields, both now and long into the future. Journals vanishing from the Internet take with them the research they published, eroding humanity’s accumulated knowledge.
Sadly, we see that published scholarly output is often not preserved properly and is at risk of disappearing1. Preserving content is far more than backing-up your website, or storing a copy on your hard drive or in the Cloud. Proper long-term, digital preservation involves curation: careful attention to ensure the content and associated metadata are safe and secure and are managed so that they remain usable despite changes in file formats and technologies in order to remain accessible. As the name implies, preservation is for the long term: preserved properly, the content should be available in perpetuity.
This post introduces Project JASPER, a new initiative to preserve open access journals indexed in DOAJ. (…) »

source > blog.doaj.org, 29 septembre 2021