How to make knowledge powerful: IFLA engages in HERMES project on resource sharing

« Empowering research by connecting libraries and facilitating access to knowledge; the international HERMES project responds with research, training, and brand new software. (…)
The project has just begun and will last 18 months, during which the group will work with the dual objective of refining the document sharing tools that libraries already use in Italy and around the world, making them more stable and efficient, and facilitating their use.
In complement to this, it will educate professionals on issues around wider access to knowledge. In this training , in addition to learning about the technicalities of operation of the software for librarians, crucial topics such as how to find quality scientific documentation, how to orient users with respect to open science, what ethical and legal implications are to be considered when using and sharing scientific documentation.
HERMES will produce open source software, strictly open educational materials and free training courses for librarians, university students and researchers in order to provide high quality, fast and free access to knowledge through the development of specific skills on the topic of digital resource sharing. (…) »

source >, 23 juin 2021