Incorporating National and Thematic Service and Resource Catalogues into the EOSC, 21 June 2021 [Online Workshop]

« In the ongoing work to build the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), several thematic EOSC projects have already begun operating their catalogues. Additionally, since the second half of 2019, some regional EOSC projects have now begun compiling their own national catalogues to link nationally-available services and resources to the EOSC Portal Catalogue. Interoperability between catalogues and the Catalogue requires collaboration with the EOSC Enhance and EOSC Future projects.
To this end, this workshop aims to bring all the key projects with national or thematic catalogues together with the operators and developers of the EOSC Portal with the aim of converging all parallel discussions currently ongoing and produce a definitive roadmap of key milestones to ensure that services or resources onboarded in national or thematic catalogues are smoothly included into the EOSC Catalogue and vice versa. (…) »

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