Quantitative Science Studies: Understanding Chinese science: New scientometric perspectives [Special Issue]

« (…)The special issue covers a diversity of topics on Chinese science, ranging from scientometric analyses (i.e., Chinese social science in general, Sino-U.S. collaborative research, Chinese domestic publication in science, and China’s research team size features and dynamics) to studies of the Chinese science system and research assessment in China (i.e., Chinese higher education system, Chinese university rankings, Chinese journal system and journal evaluations). (…)

Research Articles
An analysis of the development of Chinese STM journals in the past 30 years
A comprehensive analysis of the journal evaluation system in China
The institutionalized stratification of the Chinese higher education system
The rank boost by inconsistency in university rankings: Evidence from 14 rankings of Chinese universities
The dominance of big teams in China’s scientific output
Analyzing China’s research collaboration with the United States in high-impact and high-technology research
Toward internationalization: A bibliometric analysis of the social sciences in Mainland China from 1979 to 2018
Profiling and predicting the problem-solving patterns in China’s research systems: A methodology of intelligent bibliometrics and empirical insights (…) »


source > direct.mit.edu, Quantitative Science Studies, Li Tang, Liying Yang, Lin Zhang, (2021) 2 (1): 288–291. https://doi.org/10.1162/qss_e_00113