Draft Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Proposes Major Changes to India’s Open Access Culture

« On 2/01/2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology rolled out the draft version of the proposed Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. The process to have a new policy, subsequent to the 2013 one, was in the works since May 2020 (see here for our coverage of the same). And after a claimed 4 track process of consultations and “nearly 300 rounds of consultations with more than 40,000 stakeholders well distributed in terms of region, age, gender, education, economic status, etc” the present draft version of the policy is brought out for public consultation. The substantive portion of the policy is spread out in eleven chapters and for the purpose of this post we shall discuss the first chapter titled “Open Science”.(…) »

source > spicyip.com, Swaraj Paul Barooah, 4 janvier 2021