Can Publishers Maintain Control of the Scholarly Record?

« The journal brand has proven to be the great intangible asset of the scholarly publisher. It signals trust and authority to authors and readers alike. So even as libraries came to license bundles rather than discrete titles and users came to discover and access content through platforms, publishers have worked hard to defend the journal brand and extend it, for example through cascades and author workflow integrations. The version of record, which publishers typically control exclusively, has been their vehicle for doing so. But everywhere you look, the version of record is declining in relative importance, as interest grows in preregistration, datasets, preprints, source code, and protocols, among other elements of the scholarly record. Looking ahead, we see real tensions emerging in how the scholarly record will be structured and who will have ownership and control over it. (…) »

source >, Danielle Cooper, Oya Y. Rieger, Roger C. Schonfeld, 6 janvier 2021