New subscription model may make cell biology journal open access

« The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) is launching a new library subscription model for its peer-reviewed basic research journal—Molecular Biology of the Cell—making it the first research journal to experiment with Subscribe to Open (S2O). With S2O, all MBoC readers may have open access in 2021, while the author’s cost will remain low.

Here’s how S2O works: existing institutional subscribers will receive a 5% discount off of the regular subscription price if they agree to participate. If all existing subscribers agree to participate in S2O by early 2021, the journal’s content will become completely open access for that year. If the plan is successful for 2021, the offer will be repeated annually.  S2O has been successfully implemented by other publications, but MBoC is the first research journal to experiment with the model. (…) »

source >, W. Mark Leader, 25 août 2020