The CWTS Leiden Ranking 2020

« Today CWTS is releasing the 2020 edition of the CWTS Leiden Ranking. As always, the release of the ranking requires a major effort involving contributions from a large number of colleagues at our center. This year, the COVID-19 crisis, combined with a major update of the internal data infrastructure at CWTS, created additional challenges, which has unfortunately led to a delay of almost two months in the release of the ranking.
We hope, however, that it has been worth the wait. In recent years, we have made improvements to the Leiden Ranking by enhancing the online interface, by promoting the responsible use of rankings, and by adding new indicators, in particular indicators of open access publishing and gender diversity. This year, we have focused on increasing the number of universities included in the Leiden Ranking. While the 2019 edition included 963 universities from 56 different countries, we now have 1,176 universities covering 65 countries. Below we present a breakdown of the number of universities per country. (…)
We invite you to explore the ranking in full detail at (…) »

source >, 8 juillet 2020