Finland has launched a national portal:

« is a service offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture that collects and shares information on research conducted in Finland. The service improves the location of information and experts on research and increases the visibility and societal impact of Finnish research.
The service was launched in June 2020 and will be developed in phases. At the moment, the service contains information on the Finnish research system, publications by Finnish organizations, projects funded by public and private research funders, and statistical information on the development of research resources and impact.
In the future, the service will improve, for example, the coverage of information and it will be expanded with new datasets. In addition to the current content, more information will be added to the service later, including information on researchers operating in Finland, research data produced by them and their other research activities, and more broadly on the Finnish research and innovation system. The search features of the service will be improved and functionalities for viewing the data in a graphic format will be added to it.
Commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the service was launched by CSC – IT Center for Science in cooperation with higher education institutions, other research organizations and research funders. (…) »

source >, juin 2020