Progress on Open Science: Towards a Shared Research Knowledge System – Final Report of the Open Science Policy Platform (.pdf)

« This final report of the EU Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) provides a brief overview of its four-year mandate from 2016 to 2020, followed by an update on progress by each stakeholder group over the past two years since the publication of the OSPP’s recommendations across the European Commission’s eight ambitions on Open Science, (OSPP-Recommendations).
This summary of Practical Commitments for Implementation with specific examples of progress by each stakeholder community across Europe is followed by a perspective from each group on the major outstanding blockers to progress and possible next steps. The group of 25 key stakeholder representatives have then come together to propose a vision for moving beyond Open Science to create a shared research knowledge system by 2030. (…) »

source >, European Commission, Directorate G — Research & Innovation Outreach, Unit G.4 — Open Science, april 2020, PDF ISBN 978-92-76-18882-7, Doi:10.2777/00139, KI-02-20-348-EN-N