Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape (MERIL)

 » What is MERIL ?

The MERIL portal gives access to an inventory of the most excellent research infrastructures (RIs) of ’more-than-national’ relevance in Europe across all scientific domains, including the humanities and social sciences. It aims to be a user-friendly resource for information commonly needed by researchers seeking access to an infrastructure and by policy-makers analysing the current status of research infrastructures in Europe. The database will be continuously updated with RIs that meet the criteria for inclusion (see below).

RIs included in the database have been evaluated through a national or European process on the basis of commonly agreed criteria and recognised as being of the highest standards and relevance to research in Europe. Inclusion in the database is thus a label of quality.

Each research infrastructure in the database is described in a standard format, with a limited amount of core information and a web link to each individual research infrastructure.

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source >, Thérèse Hameau (INIST-CNRS), 21 février 2013